Organic NZ July / August 2016

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July/August 2016


·       Ecological eating from the inside out: The crisis in food and health, by Christine Dann

·       Digest this! Fibre facts and fiction, by Kyra Xavia

·       A pre-conception diet: Paving the way for a healthy child, by Bridget Scully

·       Bob Crowder: Aheadofhistime – profile of Soil & Health’s patron, by Matt Morris        


·      Winter gardeningprojects: Cuttings, recipes and more, by Denise Cox

·       Learning to grow: What makes a successful school garden? asks Rebecca Reider

·       Moon calendar for July and August, by Rachel Pomeroy

Health and food

·       Cauliflower power: Health benefits and recipes, by Pam Blowers

·       Kawa Café, by Anissa Ljanta

·       Friend or foe? Autoimmune diseases, by Sandra Clair

·       Pressured into change:Diet and exercise for high blood pressure and pre-diabetes, by Diana Noonan

·       Raw cow’s milk for our baby grandson, by Janette Perrett

Farming and horticulture

·       Raising meat with compassion, by Peter E Rodgers

·       Meet the fungi: Zygomycota fungi, by Dr Tim Jenkins

·       Is rock dust the answer?asks Theresa Sjöquist        

Building and technology

·       The festival that gives a shift, by Rebecca Reider

·       A NZ School of Natural Building, by Min Hall

Science watch

·       Bless your cotton socks: GE cotton


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